is a platform for students
and designers of color to
share their stories.

Stories of grit, pain, joy, hope, and strength.
Stories of how one might have come into the
field of landscape architecture, one’s family’s
relationship with land, reflections on race as
one enters the workforce, large, medium, and
small triumphs, perhaps one’s struggles with
overcoming imposter syndrome.

Every individual’s story is complex and
nuanced, and Healing Space seeks to be a
platform for underrepresented voices to take
up space.

Launched by students in UC Berkeley’s
Landscape Architecture + Environmental
Planning program in the spring semester of
2021, Healing Space is a platform dedicated
to uplift and amplify the voices and stories of
underrepresented students and designers of
color in the field of landscape architecture and
related fields nationwide (i.e. architecture,

This is a space to hear and
amplify stories.

In a two pronged approach, Healing Space
provides monthly to bimonthly listening space
for students to actively and safely share their
stories with each other, as well as through
published media.

Healing Space aims to uplift and center
underrepresented BIPOC voices, and by doing
so, embrace and strengthen diverse voices
within our discipline.